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The first Rule of being a fantastic poker player is to have patience and to think creatively about your next move. Like the expression, patience is a virtue each successful poker player has patience's that skill helps themwait for a great starting hand which makes it possible to to have a nice strong foundation that makes you effective at winning.

The second Guideline is to focus on your game it doesn't take common sense for you to know the reason you should pay attention to your own game.

The third principle is to be clever about your game And to understand potential outcomes of the move that your planning on making before you create them.

The fourth Rule I want to say its last rule however its not, you need to have the ability to learn from the mistakes and to not be a sore loser about a game that likely taught you lessons for the next time your thinking of playingwith.

The fifth Rule would be to learn how to control your emotions and to know how to conceal them so that your opponent does not feel as though your weak for letting your emotions cause you to seem like a fool.

The sixth Rule is Money management these means do not put in all your money down unless you're certain that you have a 100% chance of winning.

The seventh Rule is to be more dedicated to your game which in some way method to focus on your game and find different ways to make the game turn in your favor and to cool tricks that helps you win.

The last Rule would be to be fearless and be confident in each move you make even if you do Shed at least you will be learning a valuable lesson that may hopefully help One to improve on your next game. More information: find out here.