The 18 Best Electric Pressure Washers Reviewed And Rated

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Pressure washers have been on the market for at least the past 10 years. And its powerful psi is enough for vehicle, household, farm and garden cleaning. Lastly, a small group of indoor pressure electric pressure washers (clicking here) washers are powered by liquid propane. This gas pressure washer is significantly heavier than the electric models because of its metal frame and engine, but it makes up for it in quality.

While the brushes are best for cleaning cars and grills, nozzles are suitable to remove dirt and mildew from tough areas. Our take: An affordable and versatile light-duty cleaning tool that is easy to use. It offers 1,500 PSI and delivers 1.2 gallons of water per minute, and is best for tasks like cleaning up grimy outdoor furniture, a dirty car or a stained patio.

The store is based in Illinois and boasts a huge selection of top-name brands of pressure washers. The testers then used each pressure washer to clean the dried mud off half a wheel well. Also included are four quick-connect nozzles, a soap sprayer, a 34-inch wand and a 20-foot high-pressure hose.

High-pressure models can damage paint finishes. Owners say this little pressure washer delivers respectable performance for the price, and they love not having to deal with the noise and maintenance on a gas motor. This model's motor is designed to save power if you are working on an easier task.

One downside of this ryobi electric pressure washer is it does not have adjustable psi. Greenworks easily comes as the number one light-duty electric pressure washer on the list. Different jobs need different amounts of pressure, so having an adjustable model is definitely a bonus.
The length of the pressure hose helps with those hard-to-reach places and the rear wheels provide easy portability. This electric power washer delivers several high-quality features, including the long warranty, which is always good to have. To get to those hard to reach areas, the Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer comes with a 20-foot long pressure hose, which is combined with the 34-inch extension spray wand.

They can make fast work of cleaning up messes such as motor oil stains in the driveway, slippery mildew on the deck, and mold growing on fence posts. Thus, it is one of the best electric pressure washer on the review list. Our practical knowledge - Combine our team's commercial power washing and mechanical engineering experience with the hands-on real-life use testing for PressureWashr and the benefits and downfalls of each pressure washer become easy to spot.

The water pressure is 1600 PSI and the water flow rate is 1.2 gallons per minute. With powerful 1900 PSI of water pressure, this unit can effectively clean all types of surfaces. The higher quality electric pressure washers include a stainless steel wand. It only takes a few minutes to get this electric pressure washer up and going.