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China is a country. Thus the an interesting country in China is... China!

Is China an interesting country to visit?
Many would consider China to be an interesting country to visit. It contains the Great Wall of China, which is considered to be a wonder of the world.

share: What is the most interesting fact about china?
Here is an interesting, and well known, fact: China is the most populated country.

share: 5 interesting facts about China?
There are different interesting facts about China. Some are: China is the fourth largest country in the world, it takes 60 years for the entire cycle of the Chinese calendar, Each year in China is represented by a certain animal, In China, red is considered the lucky color, and it's also good luck in China for a gate in front of a home to point South.

share: What are facts about China?
China is the country with the greatest population. The population is about 1.35 billion as of January 2013. The biggest tourist attraction in China is the Great Wall of China. China is the third largest country by area in the world. China is one of the richest countries in the world. Some interesting facts about China is that history started in china in the 2003 B.C. Another fact is that ice cream was invented in... Read More

share: What are some interesting facts about China?
China is the 4th largest country in the world lots of products are made in china and shipped all over the world tea was discovered by a Chinese emperor by a tea leaf falling into his bowl of hot water

share: What country is the greatest number of population?
The most heavily populated country in the world is China. It is also interesting to note that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world too! I hope that answers your question for you.

share: Interesting animals in china?
There are many interesting animals that can be found in China such as the Asiatic Brush-tailed Porcupine. The Snub-Nosed Monkey is also found in China.

share: Which country eats the most pasta?
Interesting one this, Italy eats the most fancy pasta but China eats the most noodles - the original pasta.

share: What is the most interesting country?
Palestine is the most interesting country.

share: What country is not interesting?
The only country that is not interesting is the one you're used to.

share: Who was the first to unify china?
I believe it was Kublai Khan who is recognised within Chinese history as well as the Yuan dynasty which he founded, it is interesting to note it was the first time china as a country owned Tibet, and subsequently Tibet is now part of modern day China. The peoples of china and Mongolia have been linked for millenia.

share: Is Spain an interesting country?
Spain is quite interesting due to the bull fighting and all. so yes it is an interesting country.

share: Interesting country to write about?
Mainly writing about countries with oldcivilizations is really interesting "at least 4 me" so u will find many things to say about these countries i suggest Egypt , Iraq , Rome , Greece , China many wonderful countrieswith wonderful history

share: Is China a state or a country?
China is a country.

share: Is china a state or country?
China is a country.

share: Is china a country are a continent?
China is a country.

share: Are there any interesting things found in china?
ofcourse! it has the wall of china and the biggest supply of tea!

share: How did the country of China get its name?
Because China is famous for china, so people call China to the country

share: What country has an interesting culture?
every country has

share: Is china a christian country?
no,china is a Buddhism country.

share: What country is China in?
China is not in any country. It is a sovereign country in its own right.

share: Is China a democracy country?
China is not a democracy country. Instead, China is a communist state, where the government runs the country and not the citizens.

share: What are interesting plants and animals from china?
bamboo, bear

share: Where do most people live in china city or country?
there is no china city... china is a country And there are many cities in China......

share: Which country did Marco polo explore and introduce to europeans?
Marco Polo's most interesting visit in the East was that to China. Here he discovered many useful Chinese inventions and brought some back to Europeans.

share: Is China a continent or country?
China is a country in Asia, which is a continent.

share: Is China a democratic country?
yes china is a democratic country....

share: Which country ruled china?
No country has ever ruled China.

share: What country is china at?
China is itself a country on the continent of Asia.

share: Is China a liberal country?
no, China is not at all a liberalism country.

share: What are some interesting facts about Marco Polo?
he discovered china

share: What country separates China from Asia?
china is a part of the asian continent there is no country that separates it, china is in asia.

share: How did China become a country?
China became a country through years of war and tribulation. Finally, in 1949 Mao Zadong declared China a country, specifically the People's Republic of China.

share: Interesting facts about China?
It has a special landmark called the Great Wall of China :) The great wall was so cool!:)

share: Date china became a country?
china became a country in 1546

share: Is China a foreign country?
yes, china s a foreign country

share: Which country of china do natural disasters occur?
China is a country, and there are no countries in it.

share: What interesting animals can be found in China?
Giant panda bears are the obvious interesting animal. You can add to this the following animals: the South China tiger, the Chinese alligator, and the Takin (which is one of the most endangered species in the world)

share: Is Taiwan a separate country by itself or a country in China?
Taiwan is 99% of the Republic of China, however it is off the coast of Asia, and not within the country of China.

share: Is China a poor country or a rich country?
China was a poor country but is now considered an 'emerging economy'.

share: After china what country has the biggest population?
After China, the country with the biggest population is India.

share: When did China become a country?
China became a country on October 1st, du lịch bắc kinh 1949

share: Is china the 3rd biggest country in the world?
No, China is the fourth largest country.

share: What country separates China and Russia?
The country between Russia and China is Mongolia

share: Is the China a developed country?
The U.N. still classifies China as a developing country

share: Is China an actual country?
Yes, China is a country and part of the Asian continent.

share: Is China neighboring country of India?
Yes China is neighboring country of India.

share: Is vietam in China?
Vietnam is an Asian country which is an entirely separate country to China.

share: Why would china be an interesting place to live?
it's actually your decision

share: What country in china has the largest population?
China is a country there are no other countries within it. The population of China is in excess of one billion.

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